Girls in Cebu

Girls in Cebu

Complete guide to Cebu bars nightlife

Cebu bars nightlife

There is much to see in Cebu Philippines but its tourist’s attractions are not the reason behind its popularity among people. Especially, the men from different countries are visiting Cebu for its sex industry which is very cheap as compare to another part of the world, even from other cities of the Philippines. The girls in Cebu are sexy, young and easily available. That’s why the nightlife in Cebu is associated with bars, nightclubs, girls and sex. But finding sexy Cebu girls in the city is not that easy as its sound like, especially if you are visiting there for first time.

It is true that bars in Cebu do have the option to pick the girls but it could be very expensive due to the bar fine rule which has been set by the majority of bars in the city. Although, the clubs has limited Cebu girls while more guests, which means that you need to wait for hours to get the girl of your choice. So what’s the solution? Well, I have recently visited Cebu and it is not my first time but this time lot of things has been changed. Now sex is more easily available than previously. Maybe this is due to the new government of the city. There is also the trend of new clubs at the peak. If you have been there few year ago and planning to visit Cebu for its nightlife, then you will notice that there are many new clubs and bar has been opened near the Mango Square.

My experience in Cebu Philippines was very good this time in the term to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu. So, I have decided to share some tips with you who will help you to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu and help you to find Cebu girls for sex. This guide is specifically limited to the Cebu bars only.

Cebu Nightlife

Where are naughty bars in Cebu?

The red light area of Cebu is famous for bars and it is always full with the tourists. While there are multiple red light areas in Cebu but Mango Square is known as the heart of the city for those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu. This square is full with all size of bars. I always lost my count whenever I decided to count the number of bars. Due to its popularity, now the more and more bars are being opened next to Mango Square. If you are planning to book a hotel for stay, then keep in mind that the hotel charge high there due to the high demand of tourists. So, it is a wise idea to pick a hotel which is near to Mango Square not into the Mango Square.

Do Cebu bars have barfine?

Not really. If you compare the barfine system from other cities in the Philippines, then you will found that not all bars in Cebu have barfine rule. They usually have in on weekend and busy days only otherwise there is a free entry in most of the bars in Cebu. But due to no bar fine, the price of beer are high, but still, you will save money by not paying barfine which could be as low as PHP100 per person.

How much sex cost in Cebu?

The cost of sex depends on so many different factors which include age of the girl, how sexy she is and whether she is available or not (may be busy with other clients). Generally, the price of Cebu girl starts from PHP3000 to PHP6000 but it could be less and high as well. So, make sure to have enough money in your pocket when you enter in the club.

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