Girls in Cebu

Girls in Cebu

Top 5 Best Bars and Nightclubs in Cebu Philippines

If you have been in Cebu Philippines before, then you must know that how excited this city is about its exclusive and crazy nightlife. The nightlife in Cebu is all about high-class music, a verity of drinks, dance, dance parties, girls, and sex. The majority of men travel from different part of the world to this beautiful place only to meet with girls in Cebu because they are hot, sexy and young where sex does not cost a lot here.

There is no better place than nightclubs and bars in Cebu to meet with Cebu girls. The bar girls are not only local but you will found that there is a lot of verities available. Some club only staff girls from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and other Asian countries. So, visiting a night club and bar is best option to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu and meet with girls.

For a person who has never been in Cebu, it could be difficult to decide that which nightclub to visit. They all may look very entertaining from the door but you come to know about its excitement once you pay the entrance fee and step inside. Sometimes you could be disappointed that you have chosen the wrong place and failed to enjoy Cebu nightlife. To ease this problem, following we are sharing our list of top 5 best bars and nightclubs in Cebu Philippines. We have briefly described each club to give you some idea that what you should expect there.

Club Icon

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable nightclub in Cebu Philippines, then Club Icon could be the best place for you. The drinks in this club are cheap where the entrance cost is only PHP100. The majority of people come in this club are locals and Korean. So, if you are looking for Asian girls to enjoy Cebu nightlife, then you can choose this club for fun.

Girls in Cebu


This club is located in the mid of Mango square. If you are looking for a place to enjoy Cebu nightlife with foreigners, then come to visit Alchology night club. The club is divided into two areas, among them, one is consist of the big dance floor where you can make new friends and meet with sexy girls in Cebu etc.

J. AVE Superclub

It is one of the oldest and popular nightclubs of the city. The club consists of a big dance floor which is always full with the guests. So, make sure to book a table for yourself if you do not want to spend the whole night by standing on the dance floor. It is an ideal place to find girls in Cebu for sex. The entrance fee of this club if PHP100 where beer can be purchased from PHP75 only.

Liv Super Club

This club located few KMs away from Mango Avenue but still popular because of the verity of Cebu girls you can meet there easily. It is an upper-class nightclub plug bar, that’s why entrance few of this night club is PHP300 on weekends. There are not many foreigners in this club, so it is an ideal nightclub in Cebu to meet with local Cebu girls.


Nightlife in Cebu could not be completed without visiting a nightclub in Cebu where you can enjoy hip-hop music, dance and meet with Cebu girls. Sentral is few of those clubs where hip-hop music has been played throughout the night. The bar was opened a few months ago but due to its theme, it’s become one of the popular nightclubs in the town.

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