Girls in Cebu

Girls in Cebu

Cebu city bikini bars guide

bikini bars cebu

Bikini bars are those bars in Cebu city where the bar girls wear very fewer clothes. These bars are not only famous for their drinks, music, and dance but also known as the popular spot to meet with Cebu girls for romance, entertainment, and sex. Not all Cebu bars are bikini bars. So, you need to be very specific if you are looking for a bikini bar in Cebu to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu in term of seduction, romance, and sex.

Like other bars, most of the bikini bars are located at Mango Avenue which is also known as General Maxilom Avenue. Usually, the bikini bars has the sign of bikini bar at the entrance of their door but most of them do not do this to keep it hidden from the authorities.

How much it’s cost in bikini bars in Cebu?

The concept of bikini bars are almost same as a strip club and go-go bars with little twists, that’s why the cost to enter in the bikini bar is much higher than other ordinary clubs and bars. They do also serve you drink once you pay them the full cost of the whole night at the start which includes the Cebu girls as well for sex.

Typically, it cost about PHP3000 to PHP6000 to enjoy Cebu nightlife in bikini bar which is also included the free drink. The bikini bars has been opened lately and closed in the morning. This means that you can stay whole night there and get entertained by the Cebu girls. If you have enough cash, then you can take the girls along with you to your hotel room.

Top bikini bars in Cebu Philippines

Instead of wasting your money by entering in any random bikini bar in Cebu, it is better to go with those which are popular and where you will guarantee to have fun whole night. There are many bikini bars in Cebu but our favorite are below. Why? Because they are affordable, easy to meet with girls in Cebu and enjoy a drink with dance by sexy girls.

Sisters: I have no idea that why this bar does is called sister but this is the best place to visit to meet with sexy and young girls in Cebu. There is no bar fine in this bar but the drink may cost you up to 250PHP. The girls here charge from PHP3000 to PHP4400 for sex. There is a small dance floor where two girls dance at a time where other girls sit around. You can pick one of your choices.

Planet X: This bar is famous for its sexy dancers. There are several dancing booths where you can sit and watch girl dancing. The girls will approach you by their own. They may charge the different but typical price of a girl if PHP4000 in this bar where the drink can be purchased from PHP200.

Erik D’Red: The barfine of this club is PHP3000 in which the bar girl will fully entertain you where PHP180 costs for lady drinks. This club is located next to Planet X and it is an ideal bar to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu at a reasonable price.

Love City Belle’s: This is a strict no bar fine bikini bar in the town. Yes, it is true. The price of a drink in this bar is about PHP300 but there no entrance fee in this bikini bar. I asked the manager about the girls for sex. He replied that the club does not charge anything. You can ask from the girls for the sex and it is up to her that how much she charges from you.

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