Girls in Cebu

Girls in Cebu

How does nightlife in Cebu looks like

nightlife in Cebu

Nightlife in Cebu is more than just dancing in a random nightclub or enjoying your drink in a Cebu bar. The Cebu nightlife is more famous for Cebu girls, bikini bars, strip shows and the famous Cebu go-go bars. It is true the tourists visiting Cebu Philippines to see its attractions but this is the half true because, in reality, the most of the male tourists visit Cebu city to enjoy its naughty nightlife which is most about sex, sex, and sex. That’s why Cebu is more famous for its sex tourism than its other category of tourism.

I have been in Cebu many times and I prefer to visit Cebu as compare to other cities in the Philippines because this city has not disappointed me ever, whether I visit here alone or with my buddies. You will always return to your home country with so much naughty and adventures memories.  But this does not mean that everything is going to have happened automatically. To enjoy Cebu nightlife, you need to do little effort otherwise you money and time will be wasted.

To help those who are visiting Cebu for the very first time and already there but don’t know how to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu to meet girls in Cebu, I am sharing some tips and guide with them. Defiantly, this will not guarantee your fun until you actually practiced this by your own. Because I can only share tips related to bars in Cebu, girls in Cebu and nightlife in Cebu. It is you who has to actually practice it.

Is Cebu safe for sex and nightlife?

Yes. The sex tourism in the Philippines is legal. You do not breach any law and regulation when you pay the girl for the sex. Actually, their local government encourages you because its generate revenue for them. That’s why they have made it very easy for the tourists by shifting all the bars, nightclubs and bikini clubs at one place.

Cebu gogo-bars

Where are the naughty clubs in Cebu?


Red light areas are famous for the great nightlife in the Philippines. So, you need to be in the red light area of Cebu city which is Mango Square and known by different names as well. You can reach there simply by asking the taxi driver to take you there. You can also book a room in the hotel which is located near to the Mango Square.

How to meet with girls in Cebu?

The best place to meet with Cebu girls in Cebu Philippines is to visit nightclubs and bars because these are the place where you can easily found a girl for sex. There is two type of girls are there; first the professional, who charge for sex where the second was done is local who can go with you in your hotel room for free but you must know that how to flirt with them and get them ready to go with you.


How much are the bars charging in Cebu?

Different bars charge different money. The entrance fee also depends on many factors. For example, bar with young and sexy girls will charge you higher than those bars where limited number of girls is available. Typically the entrance fee in the bar is about PHP100 which could be free on weekdays.

How much are Cebu girls charging for sex?

Again, this depends on factors. The young and sexy girls charge more than those who are mature in this industry. If two men want the same girl at the same time, then the price will automatically go up. But typically they charge from PHP3000 to PHP6000 but this is not a standard price. It could be less and high.

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